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Shhhhh, Sneak Peek on the down low…

Is that how the cool kids say it? Okay, I freely admit I haven’t been a ‘cool kid’ in quite a few years but what I do know is that I have one very excited Meema and Mommy waiting for this sneak peek that also happens to be a surprise for a certain unsuspecting Daddy waiting back home in the Big Apple. Ya see, Mom and Dad are both brilliant artists in N.Y.C. – yeah no pressure there :lol: Mommy is hoping to surprise Daddy with some wonderful photos of their adorable little man for the holidays. So….can ya keep a secret?? Great, I thought so! :D

Without further ado I introduce to you one most adorable little guys I’ve met thus far. His name is Luther and he has the such a sweet gentle soul you can’t help but fall in love with him instantly. :)

Don’t ya just love that last one? I think he’s practicing for trick or treat time! ;)

Rain or Shine…

The Slices of Life Mini Sessions will go on – and by golly we’ll have fun doing it! Ya gotta love a well prepared Dad! Kudos to Lilly’s Daddy for having the foresight to bring along some fun rain gear and the laid back attitude to make it all just ‘work’ regardless! Lilly’s Mommy is out of town at the moment and I know just how hard it is to be away from your little one so I’m hoping this sneak peek will bring a smile to her face.

I have many more families and photos to share and I promise, more sneak peeks from the Slices of Life sessions very soon! This unusually icky weather backed up my sessions just a tad and I’ve got an early start on the beach tomorrow so this photographer must take time to recharge her batteries before a crazy busy week. However, I do want to take a moment to say thank you to all the wonderful families who made their way out in the rain and humidity to keep me company today, you are all AMAZING, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay tuned for your sneak peeks…..

Nite all!

A Session at the park with Saylor

Saylor has to be one of the most expressive one year olds I’ve seen in a long time! This little angel has the best personality, so happy and easy going. She reminds me of my own daughter with her thin blonde hair, huge blue eyes and that adorable ‘laugh until you scream’ smile. I don’t think I’ll ever forget her newborn session when Mom lifted her up to look into her eyes and little Saylor decided to latch on to her nose! ha ha ha No surprise to see she’s just as much fun at one! She had us giggling at her antics through most of the session. Better watch out Dad, between her beautiful baby blues, that precious pout that melts your heart, and her sparkling personality I think you’re going to have your hands full in a few years! ;)

Okay, it’s seriously hard to pick favorites from this session to share on the blog, I think they’re all my favorites! Yikes. I don’t envy you’re job Mom & Dad. Not my fault your daughter is adorable. Nope. That’s all your doing. ha ha

Introducing Juliana {Then & Now}

I first had the opportunity Juliana more than two years ago now. She was an adorable, spunky, little princess with her own pink jeep and beautiful jewels, a complete doll baby! She’s grown a lot over the last few years but, I’m sure you’ll agree, she is as precious as ever! Thank you for coming to play with me again Juliana!

Here is Juliana {then} as published in The Big Book of Babies:


and here she is {now}:




What a beautiful little princess she’s become!

We asked Juliana’s Mom to answer a few questions for the blog, here’s what she had to say:

What are your child’s favorite books to read?

“Anything Dr. Suess – Lately it’s been In a People House and The Foot Book.”

Where do you shop for women’s clothing, you know, the kind of clothes that make you feel wonderful and don’t scream “teenager” or “mom”?

“Do those places exist? :) I guess my favorites are Macy’s and Victoria’s Secret Online/Catalog”

Photographs are important to me because…

“they tell a story and capture the essence of the moment.”

We are always trying to feed our children healthy snacks, the trick seems to be getting them to eat them! What are your child‘s favorite healthy snacks?

“Fruits and vegetables – i.e. grapes, tomatoes, apples, carrots”

My favorite local park is…

Estero Community Park.”

What do you love about lifeXpressions? { Hey, you know you would ask too! }.

“You! I also love your passion for what you do. I love how you make a client feel good about themselves – i.e. blogs, posting their photos on your website. Thanks for all you do for our children.”

Note from Terrilyn: You know, getting to know your child’s unique little personality, and being able to capture a little piece of their spirit – something that you’ll be able to look back on long after she’s all grown up – well, that really is my pleasure. I am truly honored when a parent chooses me to capture these moments for them, thank you!


Sneak Peek, Trevor


This little fella won me over last year when he was just a year old and covered with birthday cake. Now at two, Trevor is a fearless little dude with oodles of curiosity and a smile that melts your heart.




Sneak Peek, Berklie

How much fun can one girl have? I get so much enjoyment from watching the children (and families) grow as the years pass. The little personalities emerging, some shy and reserved, others bubbly and outgoing. Each little soul unique in his or her own way. While I totally enjoy smiles and giggles sometimes the most adorable expressions images are of the other faces they make. Especially when they aren’t old enough to express themselves through words. In fact, half the fun comes from wondering just what she might be thinking! Probably wondering who this nut is behind the camera! ha ha



And for those of you following along, click here to see her newborn blog post.

Sneak Peek, Paisley


Paisley is not only a member of my JOY (Just One Year) program, she is also a complete JOY to photograph!! She was full of smiles and giggles the day of our session. They really don’t get much cuter do they? Her eyes, her smile, the WAY-TOO-CUTE expressions, she looks like a little doll. I could photograph her all day.