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Sneak Peek { Hayden } – Fort Myers Newborn Photographer

I’m going to post Just one more sneak peek before I take off for a R&R with my family at the Magic Kingdom. :

I just could not sneak away without giving this family a little peek to hold them over through the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m thinking perhaps little Hayden is destine to become a great explorer, you see, sleep was the last thing on this little guy’s mind the day of our session. That’s okay though, he was super cute regardless! Thanks for being so patient Mom & Dad, I promise, lots of good things to come upon my return.

Have a safe and happy holiday everyone! :grin:

Sweet Success

I’ve just got to share one from today’s maternity session in Naples…I’ve had the honor of photographing this family not once, or twice, but three times now and each time they are more adorable than the last. Typically toddlers are on the move, little Maddox is no different. He had his own idea of ‘fun’ and you can bet it didn’t involve standing still. Fortunately a little bribery goes a long way eh? We worked hard for this one today…Dad booting his little linebacker into play, Mom waiting so very patiently, and yours truly trying to catch his attention just long enough to focus a shot. When I got back to the office today and saw this shot I couldn’t help but smile from ear to ear…I have to say, I think it was worth the effort guys! :)

Just one for today…

Sneak Peek, Jake & Luke visit Pelican Bay in Naples

I just adore these two little guys. Mom & Dad are just as much fun as their boys, up for anything, “Just do your thing” she tells me. I love to do my thing… :)

So what do ya think Mom? Not too shabby if I do say so myself. I hope the boys picked out super prizes from Target, they were FAN-TAS-TIC!! Proofs will be ready VERY soon!!! :)




I just adored how little Luke would stand on his tippy-toes, grab Daddy’s head with both hands and plant a kiss right on it. So sweet!

0608asselborn18.jpg 0608asselborn25.jpg


I have a feeling I’m about to get wet! ha ha ha





Well, if there is one thing you can say about a beach session with me, it’s never dull.

Sharks in the waters of Sanibel Island?!


hee hee made ya look! Ok, not really a shark. Just a happy little dolphin swimming close to shore. I would’ve preferred to have caught him mid jump with the family looking on but it just wasn’t in the stars that day. Still, I hope this image will bring back sweet memories for an adorable Indianapolis family. Little Mika clearly has Mommy & Daddy wrapped around her finger. Five minutes with her and you can understand why! :)




Sneak Peek, Jake and Sam

From Michigan to Naples…that’s a long trip! Mom has been so patient with my while I played catch up thanks to computer mishaps and workshops on the other side of the country… Of course I’m rushing to get caught up, clients are patiently waiting for their proofs and, of course, my OTHER computer is acting like a slug. Not the one that just crashed, my editing pc. Adobe bridge has crashed at least 6 times today, I’ve rebooted, cleared the cache, reset the ram usage…etc and so on. Just one more session to go and I will be officially “caught up” but it seems as though my PC has it in for me. I will not go MAC, I refuse! So, when you’re done looking at these most adorable little guys and your surfing on your computer worry-free, you might want to stop by this site, have a little chuckle and then beam me a little happy pc mojo please. Much appreciated! Everything you ever wanted to know about Murphy’s Law.

This is Jake. Jake is a ham, he had me cracking up with his air guitar and dance moves.




Jake & Mommy wub.gif


This is Sam. Sam is a wee bit more cautious than Jake and therefore was not 100% sure he wanted to be my new friend. That’s ok though, he decided to do his own thing and I was perfectly content to step back and just capture him being who he is. :)



Sam & Daddy wub.gif



Sneak Peek, Chelsea & Hayden {Happy Accidents}

I’ve been a lover of photography all of my life and a student of photography for more than 11 years. I’d like to tell you that I go into each session with a plan, that I can look at my subject, her surroundings, and what know the outcome will be with every click of the shutter. I’d like to say that but people, especially children, are not all that predictable. I don’t need to know the outcome of every shot, life happens! Oh don’t get me wrong, I love the watching the light, studying the composition and setting a scene. I love having a vision and being able to realize that vision. Yet some of my favorite images are merely happy accidents…


Meet Hayden, 13 days old when photographed. My newborn sessions tend to run long, on average 2-3 hours long. They change so quickly in those first weeks, my goal is to capture all those little newborn details before they go away. Over the last four years I’ve certainly photographed my share of sleepy smiles and itty-bitty baby parts. Still, in all this time I have never seen a brand new baby laugh out loud during a session, and being able to capture that image for Mom and Dad, to say I’m delighted would be an understatement! Now if I could only remember what I said that was so darn funny!


Yes, Hayden is remarkable. Of course, I’m not really surprised.

I’ve had the honor of photographing her sister Chelsea before and she is equally delightful! See for yourself… :)



Last two, I’ve got to be a good girl and get back to proofing. :)





Sneak Peek, Jace & Lyla

This sneak peek is long over due, Mom & Dad have been so patient waiting for their proofs due some very icky technical difficulties in the land of lifeXpressions. In the mean time, I hope this sneak peek will bring a smile to their faces. Hang in there guys, almost ready!!