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Sneak Peek: { Dalton & Daniel } | Fort Myers Newborn Twins Photographer

Fort Myers Newborn Photography

Just a quick post today, I can’t resist sharing just a few from my session with the twins, Dalton & Daniel. Only 8 days old and just as sweet as can be!

Fort Myers Newborn Photography

Fort Myers Newborn PhotographyFort Myers Newborn Photography

Fort Myers Newborn Photography

Shhhhh, Sneak Peek on the down low…

Is that how the cool kids say it? Okay, I freely admit I haven’t been a ‘cool kid’ in quite a few years but what I do know is that I have one very excited Meema and Mommy waiting for this sneak peek that also happens to be a surprise for a certain unsuspecting Daddy waiting back home in the Big Apple. Ya see, Mom and Dad are both brilliant artists in N.Y.C. – yeah no pressure there :lol: Mommy is hoping to surprise Daddy with some wonderful photos of their adorable little man for the holidays. So….can ya keep a secret?? Great, I thought so! :D

Without further ado I introduce to you one most adorable little guys I’ve met thus far. His name is Luther and he has the such a sweet gentle soul you can’t help but fall in love with him instantly. :)

Don’t ya just love that last one? I think he’s practicing for trick or treat time! ;)

Rain or Shine…

The Slices of Life Mini Sessions will go on – and by golly we’ll have fun doing it! Ya gotta love a well prepared Dad! Kudos to Lilly’s Daddy for having the foresight to bring along some fun rain gear and the laid back attitude to make it all just ‘work’ regardless! Lilly’s Mommy is out of town at the moment and I know just how hard it is to be away from your little one so I’m hoping this sneak peek will bring a smile to her face.

I have many more families and photos to share and I promise, more sneak peeks from the Slices of Life sessions very soon! This unusually icky weather backed up my sessions just a tad and I’ve got an early start on the beach tomorrow so this photographer must take time to recharge her batteries before a crazy busy week. However, I do want to take a moment to say thank you to all the wonderful families who made their way out in the rain and humidity to keep me company today, you are all AMAZING, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Stay tuned for your sneak peeks…..

Nite all!

Sneak Peek, Brianna

I showcased Brianna’s big brother Dominic earlier so I figured what better time to share a few of his equally adorable little sister. The images below are from our session together last week in honor of Brianna’s 2nd birthday. Hard to believe this big ball of energy fit so perfectly in the palms of her Daddy’s hands not all that long ago. Brianna, you’ve come a long way baby! Isn’t she positively adorable?!

Oh the shot on the left, that’s her pout. *snicker* Well, that was her face about two seconds after her pout. Yeah. She’s pretty darn cute!!


Why yes, I do believe I made a new word! But, when you are dealing with cuteness on such a high level there really isn’t a word out there that would do them justice. These two handsome young men belong to a young couple who hold a special place in my heart. I’ve had the honor of photographing this growing family on five separate occasions now and I can say, without hesitation that they are the most genuine, good natured, totally in love people you would ever want to meet! I really truly them.

*snicker* I call this one…”Uh-oh. I didn’t do it.”

Uh huh, what did I tell ya Mom…Daddy has his very own little “Mini Me” :mrgreen:

“Leggo my bubbbbbblesssssss!” :lol:

Oh and Mom, ye of little faith…yes…not one but SEVERAL and you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see them. Ain’t I a stinker? :twisted: ;)

For those following along…here’s a quick link to their first, second, third, and fourth sessions as posted on the blogity-blog. :cool:

Now available for pool parties!

Ha ha ha, ok, not really but I do love working with creative parents who aren’t afraid to step out of the box when it comes to their family portraits. With two tots under 3 years old I’m betting Mom is used to having to improvise to make things work. Totally worth the effort, in fact, I often feel like it’s those fantastic ‘every day’ moments that just happen during your session that make the most memorable images.

Meet Brandon (3 yrs) and Chloe (1 yr), two gorgeous little children with boundless amounts of energy. While we did capture some adorable more ‘planned’ images during this session, without a doubt my absolute favorites are the images I was able to capture after the children thought “picture day” was over. They put on their swimsuits and totally let loose in the water.

One thought comes to mind as I proof these images – they capture what’s real. Real life with two toddlers isn’t peaceful, it isn’t clean, they don’t usually do what you want them to do when you want them to do it. That’s ok!! Enjoy their spunky little personalities! I hope that when the dust settles (say in about 18 or 20 years -ha ha ha) Mom & Dad will look back at the images captured remembering the chaos. Then, as they look up at each other, they’ll smile with pride because they survived! ;)

Sneak Peek, Kiley (and her sweet cousin Olivia too!) – Naples Child Photography

Oh my goodness – I think I was on cute overload last week, seriously! I’ve got to share this q-t-pie with you all. She started out shy but I think she quickly determined that the crazy photographer lady wasn’t going away any time soon so she’d get rid of me much quicker if she cooperated. *giggle*

It is my great pleasure to introduce to you Miss  Kiley of Naples. Mom mentioned to me that she missed not being able to have all of those super sweet newborn photos and was feeling a little behind with regards to little K’s professional portraits. It happens to the best of us, believe me! I have to make mental notes to take photos of my own children lately. Life has a way of happening very quickly, days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months…I’m just thrilled that I was able to capture THIS sweet time in little K’s life. She’s just beaming with personality right now. I think if I had to put a label on her I’d have to call her a rock ‘n roll princess, she’s already got all the moves down! ;)


Peek-a-boo, I see you!!


Little K’s cousin Olivia was there to be photographed just a little bit too. Olivia is a complete ham, very much NOT like my own Olivia who is as shy as they come. LOL Mental note to myself, next time I am asked to photograph two one year olds together: BRING DUCT TAPE. They do not hold still for a second! In spite of the  complete chaos that comes from trying to photograph two one year olds at the same time there actually some super-cute shots of the two of them!! But this one with Kiley peeking around the door totally cracks me up!

img_1226bw.jpg img_1253.jpg

Last one, you have to wonder exactly what it is I do that prompts this expression in so many of my baby sessions! *snicker*