He’s back, the poster child for lifeXpressions -


Alex has returned! :) I just love Alex, I really do. I first met Alex back in July, that session was just for him. This time I had the joy of photographing the whole family and let me tell you – they are just as likable as Alex. It is clear to see that fun loving and good natured are family traits. It’s also clear to see that good looks run in this family as well. ;)

I know Mom was just a little bit nervous to see if I captured anything worthy of framing. Alex is two, which in photographer terms means “can.not.sit.still” ha ha ha I think I managed to freeze him a few times though. Enjoy the sneak peek Mom, your proofs will be online as soon as I possibly can! Oh and I should mention that I am 99.9% sure I have “the one”. ;)




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